Scroll Design Bottle Pendant

Scroll Design Bottle Pendant


This stainless steel pendant features a lower compartment for your essential oil, which attaches to a decorative top containing three felt pads. The two pieces are held together by a controller, so you can refresh your scent by simply turning the pendant upside down.

Felt Insert Colour

    Pendant size: 1 cm wide/4 cm long

    Pendant material: Stainless steel

    Chain material: Stainless steel


    Just fill the lower compartment with your favourite essential oil, reattach the three pieces, and turn the pendant upside down to add oil to the felt inserts in the quantity of your choosing then enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy everywhere you go!


    Additional inserts can be purchased separately on the "Accessories" page. We recommend using a new felt insert for each different essential oil, so the scents don't mix. The inserts are not washable.