Solid Chime Necklace

Solid Chime Necklace


Known as a hamony ball,  angel caller, or Mexican bola necklace, the pendant contains a small ball that emits a unique chime sound when it's moved. These necklaces can be used to curb anxiety by encouraging a feeling of calm and harmony through their meditative bell sound, but are also used by women during pregnancy. Worn on a long chain, it is believed the baby will hear the unique chime sound from within the womb and then find the sound soothing once born. 


    Pendant size: .75 inch

    Pendant material: Crystal Coated

    Chain material: Stainless Steel 

    Chain length: 32 inches + 2-inch adjustable tail





    Additional balls can be purchased separately on the "Accessories" page for cage-style necklaces only. Solid ball pendants are not interchangeable.