Classic Maple Leaf Vent Clip

Classic Maple Leaf Vent Clip


Take aromatherapy on the road with this metal vehicle vent clip with removable clip. The locket is 30 mm wide and features a magnetic closure. This clip comes with a felt insert in the colour of your choice (pictured with red).

Felt Insert Colour

    Locket size: 30 mm

    Locket face material: Stainless steel

    Locket frame/back material: Zinc Alloy



    Additional inserts can be purchased separately on the "Accessories" page. We recommend using a new felt insert for each different essential oil, so the scents don't mix. The inserts are not washable.


    Just add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the felt insert inside and clip into the air vent in your vehicle to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy everywhere you go!