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frequently asked questions

Q: If I want to change the oil in my locket to another scent, do I need to use a new insert?

A: Yes. We recommend using a new felt insert for each type of oil so that the scents don't mix. The inserts are not washable. 

Q: How much oil do I need to put on the pad and how often do I need to refresh it?

A: This is personal preference. The first time you use a pad you will likely need more oil than each time you refresh it. Also, essential oils evaporate at different speeds, so some oils may need to be refreshed more often than others. 

Q: Can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?

A: Yes. If you would like to skip the cost of shipping and pick up your order, just choose the "Pick Up" option at checkout. Please see the map below for directions to Durham, Ont. An exact address will be emailed to you when your order is ready. To request a specific date or time for pick-up, please email us prior to placing your order, so we can confirm our ability to fulfill your request. 

Q: What if my shipped order doesn't arrive or is damaged in transit?

A: Customers have 30 days from the time you received your shipping confirmation to report any missing or damaged goods. Replacement items, store credit, and refunds will be determined on a case by case basis. 

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